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Ration cards offer identification as well entitle the holder to a ration of food, fuel, or other goods issued by the Government of India. They are primarily used when purchasing subsidized foodstuffs (wheat, rice, sugar ) and kerosene. The cards are applied in the state you belong to. We can help you with the form and compilation of documents. This will help you sort out the process quickly and smoothly. So go ahead, let us help you!

Kinds of Ration (Rashan) Cards

  1. Blue/Yellow/Green/Red Ration cards – For people that are living below poverty line. These ration cards are for obtaining various subsidies on food, fuel and other goods.
  1. White Ration cards – These ration cards are for people living above the poverty line they help as an identification.

Who all can apply for a Ration (rashan) card :

  • Any person permanently living in India who wants to have a ration but,
    • He/ She or some other person on his behalf, has not already applied or in possession of such a card.
    • He/ She or any member of his family is not included in another ration card.

Ration cards have been used in India for some time now to provide a specific economic class of society, namely people earning less than a particular figure, subsidies on food grains and other cooking necessities. The amount that they receive depends on their household income. Although the Government of India used printed booklets, with all the financial information of the family, for the longest time, they are slowly switching to digital and keeping up with the times. This switch has not been made throughout the country since ration cards are being handled individually by different states but has been incorporated in a few states.

The most important part of the process is that it can be handled paperlessly, and at the convenience of the applicant, whether relating to their time or location, which makes the entire method faster and way more appealing than the previous one. Not only is the process of applying for a ration card made paperless, but so is the ration card itself. From a paper booklet, ration cards are now little bits of plastic.

West Bengal got with the program and began switching the ration cards of their people. People without ration cards found the switch easier since they would be applying for a digital ration card directly, however, those with their booklets had to follow a tedious system to handle the transition. Furthermore, they don’t have a proper system for the cancellation of ration cards for people who already have them but are working on it and would have one soon. Many states started following the example and handling the ration card creation process paperlessly, thereby creating digital cards.

There are multiple benefits of using digital cards, from the point of view of people and the Government when providing them.
  • They are tougher to duplicate than their paper booklet
  • They last longer since they are made of plastic and don’t rip or get spoilt due to water or age.
  • They can be used by fair price shops since the technology would be provided and tracked easily which reduced fake entries or mentioning incorrect amounts of food and grain provided, especially when this used to be handled

The different levels at which various states have gone through the digitization process

Different states have reached various levels of digitization for the ration card application process.

Some of them only providing online forms, others providing a link to upload their applications, still

others a link to check the status of the uploaded documents. Some states going all the way as to provide a process to apply for a digital ration card through an online platform.

The process of downloading online application forms, and submitting them at the office was handled by these states.

Andra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Mizoram, Odisha, West Bengal, and Delhi

While ration cards were being handled through a website in these states.

Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and many more.

States in India Link
Apply for a digital ration card Download ration card
application forms
Check status
Andhra Pradesh Click Here to Apply
Arunachal Pradesh Click Here to Apply
Bihar Click Here to Apply
Chattisgarh Download Form
Gujarat Download Form Download Form
Haryana http://saralharyana.gov.in
Himachal Pradesh Download Form Download Form
Jammu and Kashmir http://jkfcsca.gov.in/FormsGeneral.html
Jharkhand Click Here to Apply
Kerala Click Here to Apply
Maharashtra Click Here to Apply
Mizoram https://fcsca.mizoram.gov.in/page/application-form1506663142
Odisha Click Here to Apply Click Here to Apply
Punjab http://punjab.gov.in/eform/CitizenReg.xhtml
Delhi https://edistrict.delhigovt.nic.in/in/en/Account/Register.html
West Bengal https://wbpds.gov.in/rptForUsers/rptFormDetails_usr.aspx
Andaman and Nicobar Islands http://dcsca.andaman.go
Dadra and Nagar Haveli http://epds.nic.in/DN/epds/
Tripura http://epdstr.gov.in/TR/epds

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