BIS Registration and Certification

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What is BIS Registration & Certification?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is India's National Standards Body. It was established in 2016 under the BIS Act. BIS develops standards, marks goods, and certifies quality. It also ensures that products and services meet Indian Standards (IS). BIS operates a scheme for marking precious metals and jewelry. BIS registration is a thorough process. It ensures that products meet quality and safety standards set by BIS.

Manufacturers follow the application procedure for BIS registration. This helps them understand the steps they need to take. The conformity assessment checks if products meet the relevant standards. The Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) makes it mandatory for certain products to undergo BIS registration before entering the Indian market. Scheme-I and Scheme-II outline the requirements for the ISI mark and product registration. The ISI mark is a certification given by BIS. It shows that the product meets standards. Product testing, certification costs, BIS licenses, and standards compliance are all important parts of the process. Certification bodies authorized by BIS assess products to ensure they meet the necessary criteria. BIS registration plays a crucial role in maintaining quality and safety standards in the Indian market.

Documents Required for BIS Certification

The documents required for BIS Certification vary depending on the product category. However, some of the common documents required include:

  • Test Report
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Factory Inspection Report

Validity and Renewal of BIS Certification

The validity of BIS Registration depends on the product category. The validity period is typically two years, but it can be extended for up to five years for certain products.

S.No Form Name
1 Application Form (Form V)
2 Checklist for Application
3 Renewal Application along with Report of Performance (Form XII)
4 Format for Nomination of Authorized Indian Representative (Form VI)
5 Format for Agreement (Form IX)
6 Format for Indemnity Bond (Form X)
7 Format for Performance Bank Guarantee (Form XI)
8 List of Manufacturing Machinery (Form I)
9 List of Test Equipments (Form II)
10 Application for change in scope of licence (Form XIV)
11 Format of Test report (Form IV)

BIS License Application Checklist

Category Requirements Specific Details
General Requirements Complete Application Form Correct Name and Address
Specific Details- Indian Standard Number & Varieties History of previous/current BIS licenses Signature by CEO or authorized signatorySpecific Details
Manufacturing and Infrastructure- Necessary machinery and production capacity Agreements for outsourced processesManufacturing and Infrastructure
Test Equipment and Calibration- Required in-house testing facilities Valid calibration certificates Arrangements with BIS-recognized lab for external testingTest Equipment and Calibration
Quality Control Personnel- Qualified QC personnel with documentary evidence of qualifications and appointmentsQuality Control Personnel
Raw Materials and Components- Compliance with standards for raw materials used in manufacturingRaw Materials and Components
Plant Layout- Clear layout of the plant indicating locations of facilitiesPlant Layout
Test ReportsTest reports covering all requirements of the Indian StandardTest Reports
Undertaking for Simplified ProcedureUndertaking for compliance with BIS standards and corrective actions in case of non-conformityUndertaking for Simplified Procedure
Specific Requirements for Foreign Manufacturers
  • Application Fee payment Nomination of Authorized Indian Representative
  • English translations for non-English documents
  • Undertaking to bear inspection charges
  • Legal Agreements Indemnity Bond and Performance Bank Guarantee
  • Specific Requirements for Foreign Manufacturers
    General Requirements
  • Complete Application Form Correct Name and Address
  • Status of Applicant (Large-scale or Small-scale)
  • General Requirements
    Specific Details
  • Indian Standard Number & Varieties History of previous/current
  • BIS licenses Signature by CEO or authorized signatory
  • Specific Details

    BIS certificationFrequently Asked Questions

    You can check the BIS certification status of a product by visiting the official BIS website and using their online verification tool. Enter the product details or certification number for instant confirmation. In case of difficulty, get in touch with our experts.

    BIS certification ensures that products meet specific quality and safety standards. Using BIS-certified products provides assurance of reliability, safety, and compliance with national standards.

    To apply for BIS certification, get in touch with our expert and share the documents as per the requisite. We will file the application on your behalf

    The documents required for GST registration typically include PAN card, proof of business registration, identity and address proof of promoters/partners/directors, bank account details, and proof of business address.

    BIS certifications are typically valid for two years. You can renew your certification by submitting a renewal application before the expiry date, ensuring that your product continues to meet the required standards.

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