Hallmark Registration in India

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Overview Hallmark Registration in India

Hallmark registration refers to the process of officially registering a hallmark, which is a mark or symbol stamped on precious metals to certify their quality and authenticity. Hallmarks are crucial in the jewelry industry as they assure consumers of the metal's purity and origin. The registration of hallmarks is typically overseen by governmental or independent regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with established standards.

What Is Hallmarking?

Hallmarking is the process of determining and certifying the purity of precious metal articles, such as gold and silver, in compliance with specific standards set by a regulatory body. The hallmark or mark of quality is then imprinted on the article as proof of its purity and quality. The process involves assaying or testing the metal content and fineness of the article, followed by hallmarking or stamping with the appropriate mark. Hallmarking ensures that consumers receive genuine and high-quality precious metal articles and also helps prevent fraud and counterfeiting in the market.

Documents Required for Hallmark Registration

The following documents are required for the Hallmark Registration process.

  • Certificate of registration issued by ROCs along with MOA (memorandum of association);
  • partnership deed (in case the applicant is a partnership firm)
  • CA certificate (in case the applicant is a proprietorship firm);
  • CA certificate incase of turnover more than ₹40 lakhs;
  • GST registration
  • Sale or lease deed agreement;
  • Rent agreement with last rent receipt;
  • Latest property tax receipt;
  • Income tax assessment
  • Registration with state government authority.
  • Aadhaar, PAN or passport, driving license & voter ID or photo issued by Gazetted Officer on official letterhead;
  • Aadhaar-based verification or e-signature;
  • Location map indicating the location of premises from the nearest landmark for each outlet.
  • Copy of GST returns of previous financial year;
  • In case the firm is new, an undertaking should be taken from the firm with the estimation of expected turnover & assurance to submit GST returns.

Importance of Hallmark Registration Certification

  • Hallmarking certifies the purity and quality of precious metal articles
  • It is mandatory for manufacturers and sellers of gold and silver articles to obtain hallmark certification in India
  • Hallmarking helps prevent fraud and counterfeiting on the market
  • Hallmarking is recognised globally as a mark of quality and purity
  • Due to their assurance of purity and quality, hallmarks for gold and silver articles have a higher resale and investment value.

Types of BIS Hallmarking Registration Certificate

Hallmark Registration FAQ's

Hallmark registration in India refers to the process of certifying the purity of precious metal articles like gold and silver. This certification ensures that the metal meets the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Hallmark Registration assures consumers of the purity and quality of precious metal articles they purchase. It helps in preventing fraud and ensures transparency in the precious metal market.

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers dealing with precious metal articles like gold and silver jewelry, coins, and utensils are eligible for Hallmark registration.

To apply for Hallmark registration, you need to submit an application to the BIS regional office or online through the BIS website. The application should include necessary documents and details about your business and manufacturing processes.

The documents required for Hallmark registration may include proof of identity, proof of address, manufacturing process details, quality control measures, and any other relevant certificates or licenses

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