Income Tax Assessment Year 2024-25

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Assessments In Income Tax - Overview

An Income tax is the taxable amount that is paid to the government for the income made by people, businesses, and institutions within a jurisdiction. Assessments in income tax are conducted after the income taxes are filed by the general public. The tax department verifies the accounts and analyses the taxability. Different types of assessment in income tax are conducted from time to time. The Income Tax Act of 1961 in India controls how income tax is assessed.

Self Assessment Tax Definition

Self-assessment tax is the balance tax liability that an individual or a business needs to pay after taking into account the tax deducted at source (TDS) and other deductions claimed. It is paid after the end of the financial year.

  • Standard deduction
  • Medical expenses
  • Insurance premiums
  • Interest on home loan
  • Donations to charitable organisations
  • Investment in tax-saving schemes

How Is an Income Tax Assessment Order Generated?

  • The assessee files an income tax return (ITR) for a particular assessment year.
  • The ITD examines the ITR and, if it has any doubts about the accuracy of the return, may issue a notice to the assessee to provide further information or clarification.
  • The assessee may provide the requested information or clarification, or may choose to file a revised ITR.

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