Income Tax Notice in India

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Income Tax Notice An Overview

The Income Tax Notice is a formal communication from the Income Tax Department in India informing the taxpayer of discrepancies or non-compliances in their income tax returns. As a result of the notice, the taxpayer may be required to provide additional information or documentation, or to pay additional taxes or penalties. To avoid further penalties or legal consequences, it is essential that you carefully read and understand the contents of the notice, collect all the necessary information, and respond promptly and accurately within the specified deadline. In response to Income Tax Notices, Vakilsearch can assist you in navigating the complex process and help you achieve the best outcome.

Documents Required Reply to an Income Tax Notice

  • A copy of the income tax notice
  • Proof of income source, such as Part B of Form 16, salary receipts, etc.
  • TDS certificates, Form 16 (Part A)
  • Investment proof, if applicable

After uploading the income tax notice copy, our tax experts will review it and suggest the necessary documents to provide a solution.

Types of Income Tax Notice

There are various types of income tax notices that an individual or entity may receive from the Income Tax Department, including some common ones such as:

Intimation under Section 143(1)This is an intimation sent to the taxpayer after the Income Tax Department processes the return. It contains details of the income and deductions claimed by the taxpayer and the tax liability calculated by the department.
Notice under Section 139(9)If there are any discrepancies in the return filed by the taxpayer, the Income Tax Department may issue an IT notice under Section 139(9) asking the taxpayer to rectify the errors.
Notice under Section 143(2)This IT notice is issued by the Income Tax Department when it wants to scrutinize the taxpayer's return in detail. The taxpayer may be asked to produce documents or other evidence to support the claims made in return.
Notice under Section 148This IT notice is issued when the Income Tax Department believes that income has escaped assessment and wants to reopen the assessment for a particular year.
Notice under Section 245 If the taxpayer has any outstanding tax liability, the Income Tax Department may issue an IT notice under Section 245 to adjust the refund due to the taxpayer against the tax liability.
Notice under Section 271(1)(c)This income tax notice in India is issued when the taxpayer is found to have concealed income or furnished inaccurate particulars of income.
Notice under Section 143(3)This income tax notice in India is issued after the completion of the assessment proceedings and contains the final outcome of the assessment. The taxpayer is required to pay any tax liability, along with interest and penalty, if applicable.

Latest Income Tax Notification

A Notification No. 2023 was issued by the CBDT on February 10, 2023. The form and particulars of the Income Tax Return Forms (ITR-1 SAHAJ, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4 SUGAM, ITR-5, ITR-6, ITR-V) for the Assessment Year 2023-24/Financial Year 2022-23 are specified in 04/2023.

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