Apply Marriage Certificate Online in Delhi

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Marriage registration in Delhi is a crucial step to solidify your union legally and unlock a multitude of benefits. This guide explores both online and offline application processes for your marriage certificate, ensuring you have the information to choose the most convenient method.

Why Register Your Marriage?

A marriage certificate goes beyond legalities; it serves as a vital document for various aspects of your life together, including:

  • Joint ventures: Owning property, applying for loans, or opening joint bank accounts.
  • Visa applications: Obtaining spouse visas for travel or relocation purposes.
  • Government benefits: Accessing social security schemes, healthcare programs benefits.
  • Legal proceedings: Providing evidence in cases like divorce or inheritance.

  • Eligibility for Marriage Certificate Application in Delhi

    Legal Marriage:
    • Your marriage must have been solemnized under a recognized legal framework. This typically means being married under:
      • The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 (for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains)
      • The Special Marriage Act, 1954 (for all Delhin citizens irrespective of religion)

    Age Requirement
    • The minimum age for marriage registration is
      • 18 years for the bride
      • 21 years for the groom

    • At least one of you must have resided in the state where you’re applying for the marriage certificate for more than six months.

    Relationship Status
    • Neither of you can be in a prohibited relationship as defined by the respective Marriage Act under which you’re registering (e.g., close relatives, existing marriage).

    Marriage Registration Fees in Delhi

    Planning to register your marriage in Delhi? Here’s a breakdown of the fees involved based on the Marriage Act and processing speed:

    Marriage ActTatkal Fee (Fast Track)General Fee
    Hindu Marriage Act of 1955₹ 150₹ 100
    The Parsi Marriage Act of 1936₹ 150₹ 100
    The Anand Marriage Act of 2012₹ 150₹ 100
    Muslim Marriage Act of 1936₹ 150₹ 100
    1954 Special Marriage Act₹ 150₹ 100

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