One Person Company (OPC) Registration

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What is One Person Company Registration?

As per the Companies Act, 2013 an One Person Company (OPC) is an unique entity where an individual can form a company. It combines the concept of a company with limited liability and succession, allowing a person to own and operate a company in their name.

One Person Company (OPC) registration offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish a corporate entity with a single member. This structure provides several advantages, including limited liability and ease of management. Here, we delve into the documents required, benefits, and FAQs associated with OPC registration.

Documents Required for OPC Registration + 2 DSC (Gov Fees Extra)

Identity and Address Proof

  • Registered office address proof.(Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/Gas Bill) (not more than 2 months)
  • Rent Agreement (Company name should be mentioned with complete address) (on Rs. 100 stamp paper with Notary)
  • Board resolution authorising Director for GST in the company
  • DIR-2 of all Directors.
  • NOC (Company name should be mentioned) (on Rs. 100 stamp paper)
  • Address proof of the Director & Nominee. (Bank statement/Electricity bill/)(not more than 2 months)
  • PAN card and Aadhar card of Director & Nominee.
  • Identity proof of the Director & Nominee.(Driving license/ Voter ID card/passport)
  • Digital signature certificate of Director & Nominee
  • Email id and mobile number of Director & Nominee.
  • Passport size photo of Director & Nominee.

Checklist for One Person Company Registration

  • Maximum and minimum membership requirements must be met
  • There should be a nominee chosen before incorporation
  • Use Form INC-3 to request the nominee's approval
  • The Companies (Incorporation Rules) 2014 mandate that the OPC name be selected
  • Minimum authorised capital of ₹1 Lakh
  • DSC of the potential director
  • Evidence of the OPC's registered office.

Benefits of OPC Company Registration

Steps for Registration of OPC

  • Step 1: Check the eligibility and documentation
  • Step 2: Request DSCs and DINs for each director
  • Step 3: Submit a request for a name reservation Form Spice+ for company incorporation
  • Step 4: Apply for PAN and TAN for your new business
  • Step 5: RoC issues an incorporation certificate with a PAN and TAN
  • Step 6: Open a bank account and start your business.

OPC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

No, only individuals above the age of 18 can incorporate or become a member of an OPC.

Yes, an OPC can be converted into a private or public company subject to certain conditions and procedures as per the Companies Act.

No, there is no minimum capital requirement for OPC registration. The company can be registered with any amount of capital as deemed appropriate by the founder.

No, an OPC can have only one director, who is also the sole member of the company.

OPCs must file annual returns, maintain financial records, conduct board meetings, and comply with tax regulations as per the Companies Act.