Privacy Policy

We at Credfy have the CA & Legal services privacy policy in place to respect your privacy regarding sensitive and confidential information we may collect when operating . We have taken all steps to ensure we keep your private information safe. Data privacy applies to all information collected through our website and may not apply to information collected from other sources. Depending on your activities while browsing our website, you may agree to additional terms and conditions provided for a better experience.

Website Visitors

At Credfy, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive and effective Website Privacy Policy. We offer a professional and reliable Website Privacy Policy Legal Documentation Service to ensure that your website complies with all the relevant laws and regulations related to data privacy and protection.

Collecting Personally-Identifying Information

Some visitors need specific services from our Credfy team that requires our expect to collect sensitive or confidential information that can identify a person. Depending on the nature of the interaction, our experts may gather necessary information such as username, email ID, or other personal information.


We give utmost prominence to your personal information. However, please remember that electronic transfer or storage of information may not ensure 100% security. We try to implement reasonable security steps to protect your personal information. Unfortunately, we cannot promise 100% security of the information provided.

Data Retention

At Credfy, we retain your personal information until it fulfills its purpose of collection. It will comply with regulatory, legal, accounting, tax, or reporting purposes. In case any complaint arises, we may retain your information for a longer time. Our experts take the nature, amount, sensitivity, and security risk of personal data collected to determine the retention period.

Your Data Rights

We comply with the data protection law. Hence, you may possess the following rights to the data provided:

  • Data transparency while using personal data.
  • Access to personal information and other additional information complying with the Business Assistance Services privacy policy.
  • Allow correction of an error in personal information stored by us.
  • Allow requests to delete personal information due to certain situations.
  • Transfer of information to a third party.
  • Stop using personal data for direct marketing purposes.
  • Avoid automated decision-making leading to legal complications or other adverse effects.
  • Object continuous processing of your confidential information.

You can contact the Legal Dev team to exercise the above-mentioned rights. We make sure to confirm your identity before processing the request. It is to avoid the leak of personal information to unauthorized people. We try to respond to legitimate requests within a reasonable time. It may take time when you have a complex request or made multiple requests. We will keep you in the loop regarding the status of your request.